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The Meadows School Libraries: Middle School

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Find a Great Book

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Book Recommendations for MS Readers

EBooks, Audiobooks and More


Teacher-Recommended Resources

Librarians recommend: CommonLita free collection of fiction and nonfiction for 5th-12th grade classrooms. A librarian from Tennessee, Ms. Fink, says, "Major publications such as NPR and Science News donate articles to CommonLit.  The text are paired with additional texts, media to build background knowledge, and can be annotated."

Evaluating Websites

When you want to know whether or not a resource will be useful to you, remember to think like A-CRAB. Consider the following qualities:

  • A uthority (Who is the author of the content (not the webmaster)? What organization or institution published the content?)
  • C urrency (Do you see a copyright date that is current? Are the links up to date or broken?)
  • elevance (Is the content relevant to the website and what you're researching?)
  • A ccuracy (What is the purpose of the website and web page you wish to use information from? Are the sources credited?
  • B ias (Is the information presented bias or opinion?) 

Create a 3D Model to 3D Print

Citation Tools

Important: All students and staff must create a personal account in order to use NoodleTools. Ask a librarian if you need help.

To revalidate your account, look on our database passwords page for our school/library username and password.

Direct link to NoodleTools

Click on the logo and refer to the NoodleTools Guide for directions to get started. 

Create a new project in NoodleTools using Chicago/Turabian style. Name it something descriptive of your project.

Add your research question to your dashboard.

Share your project with the class drop box so that your teacher and the librarians can follow your progress.

Note: ALL in-process bibliographic assessments will be made based on what appears in your project lists on the date and time that they are due. Your activity in NoodleTools is time-stamped.