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The Meadows School Libraries: Independent Reading Program


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Independent Reading Program

Unlock the Magic of Reading
We have recently made some changes to our Independent Reading Program so all Lower School students are on a school-wide system.

First, we made these changes to support your child's love of learning and to provide the freedom of literary choice. With the new program, students will have more independence and ownership over their reading!
  • Students in 1st and 2nd grade will use a monthly calendar, provided by the classroom teacher, to track reading.
  • For 3rd-5th grade students, we will be using a Google Form (specific to each grade level) to track students' reading.

Additionally, we believe reading should not only happen during the nine months we attend school, so this new system starts now so families can encourage their children to read all year long, even during the summer!
  • Students entering grades 1-2 in the fall have an optional Summer Reading Challenge to complete, that can be found on Biblionasium.
  • Students entering grades 3-5 have the option to participate in one (or six!) Reading Challenges.
  • These challenges are different for each grade level.
  • They can be completed in any order and it is not necessary to complete one challenge prior to moving to the next.
  • To see the books for each grades' reading challenges, click here. 

Independent Reading will continue into the school year. Information on reading expectations, how to engage readers, and more, can be found