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*Off campus access requires "Meadows Discovery Search" username and password found in our Google document, "2024-25 Off Campus Database Passwords." Searches will include search results from EBSCO's database, MEDLINE Complete if relevant.

11th Grade Home Page

LibGuides for 11th Grade

AT Science Research (Instructor Cotter)

History (Dr. Slater, Ms. McKannon)

       European History Research Guide

US History Research Guide

       Plagiarism and Copyright

       Current Events and Fake News

English (Instructor Bugni)

       European Literature Research Guide

       Plagiarism and Copyright

Environmental Chemistry Elective (Ms. Brownridge)

       Research Project

Health Science Applications (Mr. Schafer)

       Encyclopedia of Public Health eBook

       Health Promotion and Wellness eBook

Search Hathi Trust

The HathiTrust Digital Library is a partnership of major research institutions and libraries. It brings together the immense collections of partner institutions in digital form, preserving them to be accessed today, and in future generations. Make sure to limit your search to "Full view only."

eBooks, Audiobooks, and more

EBooks, Audiobooks, and More

See your librarian to find out about getting your Las Vegas Clark County Library Barcode for EBooks today! 


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Library Databases

Peer-Review Process

Evaluating Sources


(image by Olympus E-M5, license under Creative Commons)

When you want to know whether or not a resource will be useful to you, remember to think of CACAO. Consider the following qualities:

  • C urrency (What is the copyright date or date of publication?)
  • A uthority (Who is the author and is their background in this area? What is the domain used in the website url (.gov, .edu, .org, .com, .net, etc.)?)
  • C overage (What is the purpose of the resource? Are there advertisements?)
  • A ccuracy (Does the resource have a bibliography or references? Can you contact the author?)
  • O bjective (Is the resource biased?)