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The Meadows School Libraries: Visiting UNLV

UNLV Library Catalog


This library catalog will help you locate articles, books, images, reference materials, and primary sources at UNLV's libraries.

Because this catalog searches so many different collections, you may want to plan your searches ahead of time, and use the Advanced Search function to focus your search. A search for "Hitler" returns over 1,000 results! But a search for "Hitler" AND "Nazi" returns almost 300 results. A search for "Hitler" AND "Nazi" and modifying the results to Format: Book plus Language: English brings back around 200 results.

So remember, plan your search ahead, use the Advanced Search for more control over your searching, and use limits like Material Type to help narrow down your results.

Research Guides

The librarians at UNLV have put together a number of subject guides to help their students find the materials they need, just like the LibGuides here at our library. In particular, these guides may be useful to you:

  • History Resources - Make sure to check out all the tabs on the left of this guide, including the tab on finding primary source collections.

What Should I Know About Visiting UNLV?

How do I get in?
If under 18 you will need to take your parent with you to UNLV to become a public borrower. Please visit: for more details. 

When can I go?
The hours for all of UNLVs libraries are listed here. Note that each library has hours when it is open to the public, and hours when access is restricted.

Can I access UNLV's online databases?
Yes. You can search any of UNLV's resources, however, you must be on their campus to download articles and access print materials. 

What do I need to bring?
A thumb drive to save .pdf files of scholarly articles and at least $8.00 for making photocopies of the pages you need from any book that you find. 

What else should I know?
Be aware that you are representing TMS when you are at UNLV. Be respectful of the space and the students around you.