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European History: Chicago Turabian and Outlining

Using Chicago Footnotes & Endnotes

Chicago Turabian Citation Guide

Getting Rid of the Black Line in MS Word!

As you create endnotes in MS Word, you will note that a black horizontal line "floats" between the body of your paper and the endnotes.  To remove this line:

A video:

Written instructions:

1. Click on view tab / Draft

2. Click view

3. Click on Footnotes

4. Click on the bar that appears in the drop down meno that says "All Endnotes"

5. Change the option to "Endnote Separator"

6. Use the delete key to delete the line

7. Close pane.

Four simple rules...

...for making an outline (from the Purdue OWL)

  1. Parallelism: Headings should look the same (i.e. if one heading begins with a verb, the next should also begin with a verb)
    • I. Check movie times
    • II. Make dinner reservations
  2. Coordination: Info in the same heading level should have the same weight
    • I. Apples
    • II. Oranges
  3. Subordination: Info in subheadings should be more specific than info in headings.
    • I. Apples
      • A. Fuji
  4. Division: Each level of your outline (I/A/i/1) must have at least 2 subcategories
    • I. Apples
      • A. Fuji
      • B. Granny Smith
    • II. Oranges
      • A. Naval
      • B. Valencia

Guide template courtesy of

Qi Huang, E-Resources Librarian at The Harker School