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Current Events: News Sources

News Databases

The Tennessean

The Las Vegas Review Journal offers free access to the e-Edition for teachers and their students. Sign up here or ask your teacher to sign up!

News Websites (Nevada)


News Websites (American)

The Atlantic
The Atlantic covers national and international news and provides analysis on politics, business, culture, and technology. Most articles are available online for free. Popular Magazines also offers the full text of all Atlantic articles from January 1, 1983 to the current issue (with a 15-day delay).

News articles and a large archive of video clips are available for free on CNN's website.

National Public Radio (NPR)
Access to NPR's articles and radio programs is free for all.

The New York Times
America's "newspaper of record," the New York Times offers readers 10 free articles each month. InfoTrac Newsstand also offers the full text of all New York Times articles from January 1, 1985 to the current issue.

PBS NewsHour
PBS NewsHour makes its videos available online for several years, and articles and transcripts of programs are always freely available.

The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal requires users to have a subscription before accessing any articles on its website.

The Washington Post
Visitors to the Washington Post website can read 20 free articles each month. InfoTrac Newsstand also offers the full text of all Washington Post articles from June 18, 2009 to the current issue.

News Websites (International)

BBC World News
Based in the UK, the BBC is a great source for international news coverage. No subscription required.

The Economist
A weekly news magazine with a focus on world politics and economics, The Economist offers access to three articles per week for registered (free) users. InfoTrac Newsstand and Popular Magazines also offer the full-text of Economist articles from January 9, 1988 to the current issue.

Google News
Google aggregates news sources from around the world in its own easy-to-use interface.

Al Jazeera
Funded by the Qatari government, Al Jazeera is a worldwide network with a Middle Eastern perspective.

RefDesk provides links to a large collection of local and international newspapers from around the world.

Based in London, this international news organization provides timely coverage of worldwide news.