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Current Events: Behind the Headlines

General Database

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (LVCCLD login requred)
This database offers background information, analysis, and pro/con essays on a large number of controversial and high-interest topics.

Student Resources in Context (LVCCLD login required) 
This is a great database that provides contextual information (including news articles, reference sources, and primary sources) on a wide variety of topics.

Useful Websites (American)
The official website of the U.S. Congress allows you to find information on legislation at every step from when a bill is first introduced to when it becomes law. Includes records for every bill since 1973 plus the full text of every bill since 1993.
An essential tool for American voters, this nonpartisan organization is dedicated to monitoring politicians' speeches, debates, ads, and other materials, and reviewing them for factual accuracy.

Pew Research Center
The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan American organization that investigates current national issues and trends, including politics, technology, religion, and social and demographic trends.
This nonprofit American organization collects and provides nonpartisan information on a range of current and controversial issues, including the 2016 presidential election.

Useful Websites (International)

Books for Understanding
This website compiles lists of books for good background reading on a number of current topics/issues.

CIA World Factbook
This is a great place to learn more about particular countries, including information about each country's government, population, and brief writeups of any international disputes in which they are involved.

Jamestown Foundation
This nonprofit organization provides up-to-date research and information on a number of global issues, with a particular focus on China, Russia, Eurasia, and global terrorism.