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Science 6th, 7th & 8th: Websites

Science Podcasts, YouTube Channels, and Video Websites

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Science Friday

This weekly podcast covers stories about science, technology, among other fun topics. 

Science Magazine: Podcasts
This weekly podcast series covers the latest news in all scientific fields.

This podcast series for kids explores stories of science discovery. 

Brains On!
This co-hosted by kids podcast series explores current science topics. 

This website from PBS and the David H. Koch fund for Science offers fantastic videos and information. 

Minute Physics
This YouTube channel breaks down concepts of physics that are for your grade level. 

Coma Niddy
This YouTube channel breaks down concepts of science using rap lyrics. 

Science Websites


"At BioInteractive, you can find award-winning multimedia resources, including apps, animations, videos, interactives, and virtual labs, to bring the excitement of scientific discovery into your classroom." 

Frontiers for Young Minds 
This link will show you science-related articles written for your grade level.  

This link will show you science-related news articles for your grade level.

Science News for Students
A free online magazine dedicated to current science news. In Flipster, our eMagazines, you can find free access to Science News magazine as well.

Scientific American: Biology
Articles about biology from one of the leading popular science magazines.

NASA Education for Students
Connect with the latest news from NASA's articles, blogs, and YouTube channel. 

How Stuff Works
An unbiased look at the way the world works with articles, podcasts, and videos. 

Time and Date
A website with the world clock, time zone, and other related calendars (e.g., eclipse calendar). 

US Geological Survey's Water Science School
A government website presenting and analyzing data, maps, and publications covering topics like water quality and natural disasters.

National Geographic Kids 
A website presenting games, videos, fun facts, contains a focus on animals, and complements the optional subscription to the magazine.

A student publishing website. 

Safe Searching

KidzSearch is a great resource partnered with Google that will help you find good websites on your topic. These sites have been approved by teachers and librarians across the country for their research value.

Evaluating Sources

When you want to know whether or not a resource will be useful to you, remember to think like A-CRAB. Consider the following qualities:

  • A uthority (Who is the author of the content (not the webmaster)? What organization or institution published the content?)
  • C urrency (Do you see a copyright date that is current? Are the links up to date or broken?)
  • elevance (Is the content relevant to the website and what you're researching?)
  • A ccuracy (What is the purpose of the website and web page you wish to use information from? Are the sources credited?
  • B ias (Is the information presented bias or opinion?)